About me

I am Anubhav Jha, a Ph.D. candidate at the Vancouver School of Economics, UBC. I am on the 2022-2023 Job Market for Economics, Political Science, and Marketing. I will be available for the ASSA meetings and EJM/EEA meetings. I am also available for interviews for Political Science and related Jobs before these meetings.

My research lies in the intersection of Political Economy, Industrial Organization, and Marketing. My job market paper studies how persuasive presidential candidate rallies were in the 2012 and 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections. It also investigates the electoral effect of Trump, Clinton, Romney, and Obama rallies. The paper builds and estimates an empirical game of dynamic electoral competition to answer these questions.

In addition to my job market paper, I have an ongoing project on political rallies in India. The draft for this project with preliminary results is provided on my research page. I have a working paper that studies political parties' horizontal differentiation of government portfolios/ministries in parliamentary democracies. Finally, I have an ongoing project on women's underrepresentation in Brazilian politics.